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About the studio

Clear, creative visual communication is critical to business, artists, organizations and individuals. Creative, functional design and branding should be accessible, affordable and fun.

Studies have shown that good photography increases sales. Sullivan Studios produces high quality, unique images for your business or organization with an eye towards the end result - whether that's a website, printed brochure or other marketing materials.

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What our clients say

"They do it all! No project too small, too weird, too big or too vague when you don't know exactly what you want!

CCSPA has thrown every type of project at them: newsletters, brochures, websites, museum exhibits, Facebook, e newsletters, books, logos, requests for "just that special" photograph, fundraising campaigns, special events... and Lord knows what we will come up with next! When I get a wild idea, and don't know exactly how to pull it off -- they do, and all of it is top tier excellent. Working with Sullivan Studios is a partnership we enjoy and can count on. Just wind them up and let them go! And then enjoy all the kudos and business you will get as a result."

Mary Golden, Executive Director Central Coast State Parks Associaion